Kids Need a Champion. Be That Champion!

I’ve been reading Clayton Christensen’s book How Will You Measure Your Life (It is great, by the way!). Anyway, one of the principles he discusses is the idea of rather than providing what we want to customers to buy, we should  figure out what customers are hiring our product to do for them.  At one point he goes off on some thoughts on education. He says that schools need to fulfill the needs of students. Boiled down to the essence, they need to experience success and they need friends.

I like how he said it,

…we need to offer children experiences in school that help them… feel successful and do it with friends.

…When structured to do the job of success, students eagerly master difficult material…
pp. 111-12

Related to that thought of providing students with opportunities to succeed, I believe they need someone on their side to help them achieve that success! Rita Pierson gave a TED talk, entitled “Every kid needs a champion”, about this very idea. Give it a watch (7:49).

I stumbled upon these two sources on the same day, I don’t think that is a coincidence. Anyway, these ideas resonated with me, so I share them in hopes of pass on the good vibes… So go be a champion for your students!


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